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• 1/14/2019

Hotel Transylvania 4 Abraham Van Helsing's brother M.Bison and his Shadaloo minions

Genndy tartakovsky and Sony and Capcom and Group TAC should make Hotel Transylvania 4 when the part of Hotel Transylvania 3 when all the monsters were in a cruise all of a sudden there was a monitor cyborg spy at Dracula and his friends at the cruise while Abraham Van Helsing and Erica was planning to kill Dracula and they use a monitor cyborg to spy on him at his friends and Van Helsing was talking to his evil dictator older brother Bison Van Helsing the leader of shadaloo. During when Van Helsing play his evil music and use the giant sea creature to kill all the monsters the monitor cyborg was there scanning Dracula M.Bison was looking at the the scenes of the sea creature killing Dracula and the rest of the monsters while Van Helsing play the evil music but fortunately Jonathan play Macarena then the sea creature start to dance and all the monster started to dance the Macarena music including the monitor cyborg was dancing to that music too. But Dracula and Erica and Mavis and Johnny and all the monsters went back to the hotel and the monitor cyborg followed them to. But the monitor cyborg saw Dracula and Erica scanning them at the ceiling of the hotel. And the opening of Hotel Transylvania 4 and it takes place and Flash back to the 1800s while Dracula and his monster friends was running for their lives. They were running for their lives when when Abraham Van Helsing what's chasing Dracula and his monster friends at Sauvie Arabia. When Dracula stopped and send "why do Van Helsing keep doing this come on why are you guys going to let go of the hate?" And Abraham Van Helsing said "NEVER!! I will destroy you Dracula and the rest of the monsters time to die." All of a sudden M.Bison approach and said "Wait brother allow me to kill this Beast for our family Legacy awaits my dear little brother." And Dracula said oh great another Van Helsing just my luck why don't you two bozos go like all the hate. Then M.bison fights Dracula using his psycho power to kill Dracula but unfortunately Dracula defeated bison. And Van Helsing say "No brother you can't die it's not fair." You defeat in my my father my grandfather and my great-grandfather and and my older brother my whole generation it's time for you to die Dracula!!!" And Van Helsing was charging Dracula but Dracula tripped him have fell to the depths of the steps of the Himalayas. Back in the present day Dracula has his big wedding with Erica Van Helsing and they were setting up for their wedding and after they set up a wedding it got the priest then Dracula walks the aisle first then Erica Van Helsing where's a big fat gypsy princess wedding dress for the wedding then she walks the aisle and the priest said you may kiss the bride and they kissing each other and Jonathan Play the song Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley and they starting dancing and the monitor cyborg I was scanning them and all the monsters while they dancing. When Abraham Van Helsing was mailing his Evil dictator older brother M.Bison to Shadaloo hideout at his shadaloo Castle. Senoh saw the envelope and give it to Master bison. Bison saw them the envelope and he open the envelope and said "So my niece is getting married to someone at the hotel? Very interesting." then he tells balrog and Vega and F.A.N.G and said "gentlemen this is a good idea." And this is my ideas for this story of Hotel Transylvania for to Genndy tartakovsky and Sony and Capcom and Group TAC as well. Hope you guys like it?

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• 9/25/2018


Hi I'm a fan of the Transylvania shows and i know there is a 3rd one coming out soon!

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• 8/26/2018

Source for dates on the character pages?

I'm curious as to where some of the dates listed on character pages are coming from? I'm especially unsure over the ones listed on Martha's page;

It says that her birthday is March 23, 1489, and her age at dead 405, and that she met Drac in 1757... but Mavis states that Martha was "her age" when she and Drac met. So that would mean, if her birthday is as it states on her page, that she should have met Drac around 1607, not 1757.

I want to know if these are just headcanons someone listed on the page, or if they have sources, like interviews or magazines, anything.

(And I'd like to know where Drac's birthday was ever mentioned too ;D )
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• 8/24/2018
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• 7/24/2018
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• 6/21/2018

Will Mavis and Jonathan last forever?🤔

As I watched the movies I did the math between the Mavis and Johnny. Mavis was 118 and Johnny, 21. In the second movie they start off probaby countinuing from 118 and 21. They're married and a year later they have Denis, so they're 119 and 22(a possibility). By the time Denis is 5 Mavis is around 124 and Johnny about 27. So if Johnny keeps aging(he will apear older) and Mavis will slowy age(considering Dracula's appearance)which would make Johnny closer to dying (which is something nobody wants to happen). My question is how is Mavis going to keep Johnny with her? Will she bite him? Or, Will she let him die?...
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• 5/26/2018

A real life Hotel Transylvania

Universal should build an actual Hotel Transylvania resort hotel in Orlando and Hollywood. I hope that happens someday!
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• 5/8/2018

Favorite Film in the Franchise

Self-explanatory. I love them both, but for me, the second film is best thus far. I love the fight scene at the end:}
What about you?
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• 1/24/2017

Will Drac fall in love ?❤💕

Will Dracula fall in love?
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