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• 8/26/2018

Source for dates on the character pages?

I'm curious as to where some of the dates listed on character pages are coming from? I'm especially unsure over the ones listed on Martha's page;

It says that her birthday is March 23, 1489, and her age at dead 405, and that she met Drac in 1757... but Mavis states that Martha was "her age" when she and Drac met. So that would mean, if her birthday is as it states on her page, that she should have met Drac around 1607, not 1757.

I want to know if these are just headcanons someone listed on the page, or if they have sources, like interviews or magazines, anything.

(And I'd like to know where Drac's birthday was ever mentioned too ;D )
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• 9/2/2018
Most of the dates for Dracula, Mavis, Johnny, and Vlad are sourced from images from Sony Pictures. If I ever find them again I'll be sure to add them to those pages sources.

As for everything else, the timeline of events in Hotel Transylvania isn't always clear, and sometimes inconsistent. Most of these dates such as birthdays are rough estimates listed by many users who all have their own interpretation of the timeline.
• 9/8/2018
Thank you Vector7707! I appreciate that! :D

It would be nice if any unconfirmed dates could be noted as such on pages in some way, since I know several fans who try to stick by series canon as much as they can, myself included! :)
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