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The Bat Cronies are the man-bat like creatures who appeared in Hotel Transylvania 2.  They are the secondary antagonists of the film.

They are a rowdy bunch of monsters who live alongside and loyally serve Vlad, and their leader Bela.

Role in Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

Bela's demonic bat minions live inside a secluded cave alongside Vlad, and Bela. They are all first seen hanging upside down inside Vlad's cave when Bela arrives with Vlad's invitation letter from Mavis. When Bela shouts in outrage about the party, and his suspicions of humans being there, all the bat minions in the cave begin to follow Bela's lead and shout and fly around in anger.

Later, after Dennis transforms into a vampire and attacks Bela, Bela calls out for the Bat Cronies. All the way inside the cave, the bats hear Bela's call, and all fly out towards the hotel to aid him.

After Dennis defeats Bela he uses his new-found vampire abilities to sense Bela's army of bats approaching. Dennis transforms into a bat and flies off to face them, with the rest of the group following close behind. The Bat Cronies try their best to fight off the Hotel's guests, but find themselves no match for them. The bats cry out in pain and all presumably retreat back to Vlad's cave.


  • Bat Cronies have Musophobia, so Mavis changed into a mouse to horrify them.

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