Bigfoot is one of the monsters that visits Hotel Transylvania.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

He is one of the guests at Hotel Transylvania. At first, he accepts Dracula's invition card for Mavis' birthday party, with only his claws visible. When the lead Suit of Armor reports to Dracula that Room 348 has a clogged toilet, Bigfoot is nearby as he growls helplessly. Dracula cheers him up stating that everyone gets stomachaches.

Later, a giant foot of another blue bigfoot horrifies Johnny, a human accidentally finds the hotel. He accidentally crushes a by accident during the gymnasium games that Dracula planned for, by the time he is trying Johnny's scooter but he slips.

Goodnight, Mr. BigfootEdit

The prequel short Goodnight, Mr. Foot shows Bigfoot. He enters his room and the witch maid tries to kill an insect. The two of them later end up in a pillow fight.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

Bigfoot was a guest at the wedding of Mavis and Jonathan. While crying he soaked Johnny's mother, Linda in tears after Dracula's song for Mavis and Jonathan. Later Frank mentions that Bigfoot becomes a soccer player in global games. Dracula owns a audiobook known as Bigfoot's Life Story, which is just a series of growls.


  • It appears that Bigfoot is the general name in the films, as some of the appearances are different.