Dana is the camp instructor at Camp Winnepacaca. He is one of the minor characters who appeared in Hotel Transylvania 2.

He is in charge of taking care of the Vampire Children, and teaching them how to be proper vampires. He is voiced by Dana Carvey.

Official ProfileEdit

Dana is first seen welcoming Dracula, Dennis, Frank, Murray, Griffin, and Wayne when they first arrive at Camp Winnepacaca. When Dana first meets Dennis, he is a little confused as to why he doesn't have any fangs, but Dracula assures him that he's just a "Late-Fanger". Dana's catchphrase is "hokey-pokey".

Dana first takes Dracula and Dennis to where the vampires catch the mice, however, Dracula is disappointed to see that rather than having the vampires hunt and catch their mice they are instead just handed the mouse. Dana assures Drac that it is to boost confidence.

Dracula then requests Dana to take them to where the vampires learn to fly. Dracula sees the old tower that he jumped off when he was a kid, but Dana tells him that the tower is no longer in use and is dangerous. Instead he shows them that the kids swing off a small rope barely 1 foot off the ground to transform into bats, and have a soft cushioned mat incase they fall. Dracula is once agained outraged and disappointed in all the changes that have happened since he was a kid.

Dana later sings a friendly campfire song with Dennis and the rest of the vampire kids, unknown to him that Dracula instead takes Dennis away to the old tower anyway to teach him how to fly. After seeing Dracula throw Dennis off the tower, Dana tells him that he will have to report this to the authorities, and contact Dennis' mother, Mavis. Dracula tries hypnotising Dana to stop him, but Dana reminds Drac that vampires can't hypnotize other vampires. Just then the tower collapses and starts a huge fire with Frank running through all the cabins catching them on fire. Dracula then yells at Dana telling him that was a very unsafe tower, and he's lucky he doesn't call the authorities.

Dana is last seen when Dracula breaks the screen of his smartphone on Dana's face in desperation to keep Mavis from finding out where he really was.



  • Dana shares the same name as his voice actor, Dana Carvey.