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I don't say, 'bleh, bleh bleh!'
— Dracula's catchphrase.

Count Dracula, (1444 - present) better known as Drac, is the main protagonist of the Hotel Transylvania movie series. He is the owner of Hotel Transylvania, and oversees all of the events held there, the son of Vlad Dracula, the husband and widower of Martha, the father of Mavis, the father-in-law of Jonathan Loughran, and the maternal grandfather of Dennis.

After the death of Martha, Dracula remained single for over a century until he zinged when he met Ericka Van Helsing in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.



As of the 3rd film, Dracula's age has alternatively been described as 540 [1][2] or 545 [3] years old.

Given that Meet the Monsters mentions he hasn't seen his dad in 600 years, he is implied to be older than that.

Physical Appearance[]

Dracula is a pale-skinned vampire with slicked-back black hair, blue eyes, pointed ears, enlarged canine teeth and his key facial features are his long chin and hooked nose.

He wears an all-black tuxedo ensemble with black dress shoes and he is almost always seen in his iconic black cape that has a high collar and fuchsia inner-lining. In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, he wore a golden wedding band with red stones on his left hand.

After being turned into human by the Monsterfication Ray, his well-built body is turned into a feeble human body with a beer belly.


Dracula is a very charismatic and funny vampire to his guests and others around him, but he can be over-controlling of what goes on in the hotel and overprotective of Mavis Dracula (Dracula's daughter). However, despite his flaws, Dracula still cares deeply about his friends and family and only does what he believes his best for them and it's revealed that he's a talented singer and rapper at the end of the first film. His over-controlling personality makes him an ideal hotel manager.

Unlike his conventional portray, he only drinks substituted or synthetic blood since he states modern human blood is too fat for his taste.

He is shown to speak in gibberish when encountering any women he finds attractive to him as shown when he first met Ericka Van Helsing in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.


Early Life[]

Count Dracula was born somewhere around 1473 to an unknown mother and Vlad Dracula (Dracula's father) who was very rough and strict on Dracula when he was growing up. Dracula was a late-fanger growing up, so Vlad used fear and other cruel methods to scare the fangs out of Dracula. Vlad also made Dracula grow up to hate humans. As Dracula grew up and moved away, he slowly stopped contacting and communicating with his father all together.  

Fighting with Abraham Van Helsing  

Sometime during the late 18th century, Dracula began to run into the famous monster-hunting Van Helsing family and managed to defeat all family members, including Abraham Van Helsing. Abraham attempted to kill Dracula several times, but each of his attempts ended in failure. Dracula eventually grew tired of Abraham and calls him annoying whenever he would run into him.

Eventually, Abraham left Dracula alone, but Abraham still vowed that he would never rest until he had defeated Dracula and every other monster. Dracula eventually forgot about Abraham as the decades went by.

Becoming A Father[]

Sometime in the 18th century while flying in the night as a bat, Dracula crashed into another bat, and they both fell to the ground. The bat Dracula knocked into turned out to be another vampire named Martha.

Dracula and Martha instantly felt something for each other and soon became inseparable. They began to date, and soon became married. In the late 19th century they had a child, a baby girl they named Mavis Dracula. However, shortly after Mavis was born, a group of angry humans stormed Dracula's home, intending to kill him and his family for being vampires. The humans set fire to Dracula's home and killed his wife, Martha. Fortunately, Dracula was able to escape the place with Mavis.

Dracula began to live alone somewhere else with Mavis and began to raise her on his own. He, like his father, taught Mavis to be afraid and hate humans. Wanting to keep Mavis safe, Dracula began the construction of a large castle where he intended to live there with his daughter. After the hotel was finished being built, Dracula took Mavis to live there where he intended to have her live there for the rest of her life. He opened up the castle as a Hotel for all monsters to be safe from humankind.

​​​​​The Hotel[]

Years later, Dracula and Mavis are still living at the hotel. Dracula starts to prepare the Hotel for Mavis' 118th birthday. Dracula goes to greet Mavis in her room where he tells her that she can leave the hotel, and visit some humans. Mavis overcome with joy transforms into a bat and flies out the window to the nearest village. Dracula quickly rushes to the village to ensure his plan goes well. He enlists the help of some of the zombies working at the hotel to dress up as humans to pretend to be the townsfolk at the fake village Mavis is going to see. Dracula instructs the zombies to act ruthless to Mavis, pretending they want to kill her. After Mavis arrives he watches with satisfaction as Mavis is scared by the humans and flies away back to the hotel. Dracula smiles, knowing that this is what's best for Mavis. Now Mavis will remain safe at the hotel forever. Dracula quickly flies back to the hotel to comfort Mavis.

Johnny's Arrival[]

After successfully scaring his daughter Mavis away from the humans, Dracula walks down into the front lobby of the hotel to greet all the monsters. As he is walking Dracula notices some odd shape moving through the revolving door at the front. As the figure comes through the door Dracula realizes it is a human.

Horrified, Dracula quickly rushes to trap the human in the revolving door, demanding to know who he is and how he found this place. The human introduces himself as Jonathan, and tells Dracula that he was mountain climbing and heard a story about an ancient castle. Out of curiosity Johnny travelled in search of the hotel. Dracula tries to push Johnny out of the hotel, but sees the oncoming monsters preparing to enter the hotel. He quickly takes Johnny and throws him inside a closet with him. Dracula debates if he should kill him, but decides not to, as it would set monsters back hundreds of years. Dracula quickly comes up with the idea to dress Johnny up as a Frankenstein monster to sneak him out of the hotel, the plan starts to work however, Johnny finally realizing that all the monsters are real, panics and launches himself onto a witches broom, Johnny is sent flying through the air and ultimately crashes into Mavis. Dracula quickly rushes to see if Mavis is alright. After Mavis confirms that she is ok Dracula quickly takes Johnny away before she can discover that Johnny is a human.

Keeping it a Secret[]

Dracula takes Johnny to a room in the hotel where he explains to him that he isn't going to kill him. Having calmed down, Johnny asks what this place is. Dracula explains to Johnny that the hotel is a place he built to keep all monsters safe from the persecution of humankind. Dracula then attempts to fly Johnny out of the window by picking him up as a bat. However, Mavis flies into the room too, and catches Dracula in the act. Dracula quickly takes Johnny back inside where he instructs Johnny to play along, and keep his human identity a secret or else. Mavis and Johnny begin to chat, but before Johnny and Mavis can talk anymore Dracula rushes Johnny into the hotel's secret tunnel where he tries to sneak him out. However, Dracula forgets the way and ends up back inside the hotel. Dracula and Johnny find themselves inside a room inside the hotel where Frank, Griffin, Wayne and Murray are preparing the song they've been working on for Mavis' birthday. Frank and the group try to convince Dracula to sing with them. Dracula tells them that he hasn't sang since Martha's death. They try to push Dracula some more to make him sing, but Dracula explodes with anger, "I said NO! Don't ask me again!"

Dracula spends the rest of the day trying to keep Johnny's humanity a secret from the other monsters. At the pool Dracula tries to convince Johnny to leave on his own, but Johnny ends up starting a "Chicken Fight" with all the other pool guests, and Mavis. Fed up, Dracula finally kicks Johnny out the hotel. He tries to hypnotize Johnny into never returning, but Johnny's contact lenses prevent him from doing so. He instead tells Johnny that if he returns he would kill him. Dracula then tries to relax with his best friends, Frank, Murray, Wayne, and Griffin in the hotel sauna. However, shortly after Johnny crashes through the roof and falls down onto Drac. Seeing that he can't get rid of Johnny, Dracula instead instructs Johnny to help set up tables for Mavis' 118th birthday party. Johnny however starts to prank Dracula by sending the magic tables flying through the air with magic phrases after watching Dracula say them. Dracula and Johnny begin to chase each other on the tables, when Dracula realizes that he is having fun. The two crash, and Dracula jumps up with excitement. He goes over to where he thinks Johnny is, but sees that he is missing. He notices muddy foot tracks and instantly figures out it was the hotel's chef, Quasimodo who kidnapped Johnny. Dracula takes off at top speed down the halls to find Johnny.

Dracula finds Quasimodo in the kitchen trying to cook Johnny. Dracula frees Johnny from the ropes he is tied in and attempts to leave. However, Quasimodo stops Dracula questioning him as to why he is helping a human. Dracula barks back that Johnny is not a human, and that he is a stein. Quasimodo then decides to have Johnny scare his pet rat, Esmeralda if he really is a monster. After Johnny is unable to scare Esmeralda Quasimodo screams in anger that Dracula has brought a human into the hotel. Dracula uses his powers to freeze Quasimodo and quickly takes Johnny away.

Shared Pain[]

Johnny thanks Dracula for saving his life, as Dracula guides him to a secret room. Once inside Johnny notices a painting. He tells Dracula that he remembers seeing that painting when he was told the legend of the Lady Lubov. The legend goes that a lonely count met the love of his life. The two were inseparable. The story goes on to say the two settled down with each other, and later had a child. However, tragedy struck when a mysterious fire broke out and killed the two.

Dracula continues to listen to Johnny, but tells him that the legend is wrong. It was only the wife who died. Dracula pulls down the curtain covering up part of the painting, revealing that it was Dracula who was the lonely count in the story. Dracula turns to Johnny and tells him that it was no accident who killed her. "She was killed by your kind!" Dracula says to Johnny. Dracula explains that he built the hotel to protect her child. To protect Mavis. Johnny, finally understands, and agrees to leave the hotel. Dracula stops Johnny. He tells Johnny that Mavis has feelings for him, and that he should stay for her birthday. Johnny agrees, apologizing to Drac, never intending to hurt Mavis. Dracula escorts Johnny out of the room, so they can prepare for Mavis' birthday tomorrow.

Truth Exposed[]

The following day, the entire hotel begins to prepare for Mavis' party. Dracula finishes the final preparations with Johnny, and leaves Mavis her present from Martha. Martha made Mavis a special present, intending for her to open it on her 118th birthday. The party begins, and all the monsters of the hotel come to attend. Dracula oversees the party, proud that it is a success. Dracula begins to let loose and starts to dance as well. However, Dracula watches in horror as Mavis kisses Johnny. Dracula instantly rushes over to them, outraged at Johnny for kissing his daughter. Mavis tries to explain to Dracula that it was only a kiss, but Dracula yells at her telling her that she shouldn't kiss him. Mavis yells back at her father that she's allowed to like people and try different things. She tells Dracula that she even wants to give the human village a second chance, and that maybe she can try to be friends with them. Dracula yells back telling Mavis that's impossible and that the village doesn't really exist.

Dracula being yelled at by Mavis for lying

Mavis becomes furious, and yells at Dracula for lying to her and keeping her trapped inside the hotel when he knew she wanted to leave. Just then, a frozen Quasimodo enters the room attempting to speak. He tells everyone that Johnny is really a human. Esmeralda enters the room too, and tears off Johnny's disguise. The room erupts into panic upon seeing that Johnny is a human. But Mavis doesn't care if Johnny is a human and hugs him, accepting him as a human. Johnny notices Dracula looking at him, and decides to reject Mavis in fear and respect for Dracula. As Johnny leaves, Dracula attempts to comfort Mavis, but Mavis turns to Dracula saying that this is all his fault and she flew away in anger. Dracula looks up and watches Mavis fly away as all the monsters walk out the room, giving Dracula dirty looks (mainly Frank and Wayne gives him a dirty look).

Change of Heart[]

Dracula flies around the hotel looking for Mavis. He finally finds her on the hotel roof crying. He tries to comfort her, but Mavis continues to cry. Mavis shows Dracula the gift Martha gave her. It's a book.

Dracula reads Mavis' present from Martha

Dracula opens it up as he realizes it's a poem Martha wrote about how she and Dracula met. Dracula begins to read: "Two lonely bats crashed in the night they felt a "Zing" love at first sight. They knew right then they would be husband and wife, for a Zing only happens once in your life. Your Zing will come my love, cherish it. Love, Mommy." Mavis explains to Dracula that she thought she and Johnny zinged. Mavis feeling heartbroken transforms into a bat and flies back to her room. Dracula begins to realize the horrible mistake he's made. "Martha, what have I done?" he says.

Dracula rushes to the Hotel's front desk where all the monsters are trying to check out. All the monsters feel outraged at Dracula for lying to them, and bringing a human into the hotel. Dracula apologizes to them all, and tells them that he isn't even sure if humans are bad anymore. He then tells them that he thinks Johnny and Mavis "Zinged", but he got in the way. The monsters listen to Dracula and all agree to help him find Johnny, and bring him back to Mavis. Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin all join Dracula as they rush out of the hotel into a hearse, and drive away. Dracula follows Johnny's trail, but the trail soon comes to an end. They all get out of the hearse and notice Johnny dropped a piece of clothing. Dracula instructs Wayne to sniff the shirt to track Johnny scent. Wayne tells Dracula that his nose is shot after changing so many werepup's diapers, but gets an idea and calls out to all his kids. The werewolf kids all rush to their father, but fail to listen to him. Dracula turns to Wayne and asks if any of his kids still respect him. Wayne listens to Drac's sarcastic comment and calls out to his daughter, Winnie. Winnie smells the shirt and tells the group that Johnny left through town and boarded an airplane. Dracula thanks Winnie and takes off once again in the hearse towards the town.

Dracula makes it through the town with the help of the humans

Dracula and the group arrive at the town where they are greeted by the humans having a monster festival. Dracula tries to drive through town to the airport, but the path is blocked by humans. Dracula and the group exit the hearse and begin to walk on foot. Murray gets an idea that they should scare the humans into making way for them. They try to scare them, but the humans instead show support for the group. The humans agree to help Dracula by all lifting up their capes from their vampire costumes for Dracula so he can be shielded from the sunlight. Dracula thanks them, and takes off under the capes toward the airport.

Dracula arrives at the airport just as Johnny's plane takes off. With no other choice, Dracula transforms into a bat and begins to chase the plane down himself. Dracula begins to burn up in the sunlight, but carries on anyway. He arrives at the front of the plane and hypnotizes the pilot so he can talk to Johnny. Dracula explains to Johnny that he was wrong to get in the way of him, and Mavis and that if she should be with anybody he is thankful that it is him. Johnny smiles and agrees to return to the hotel.

Mavis and Johnny finally get to be together

Dracula returns to the hotel with Johnny, and brings him to Mavis. He watches as the two of them make up. Dracula explains to Mavis that he wants her to live her life now, and gives her his blessing for her to be with Johnny. Dracula watches as Johnny and Mavis finally have a proper kiss. Dracula and the group spend the rest of Mavis' birthday celebrating by dancing, and singing a song about zing.

Hotel Transylvania 2[]

Mavis' And Johnny's Wedding[]

Mavis and Johnny's wedding kicks off with Johnny's family attending the wedding at the hotel.


Hotel Transylvania 2 ----Wedding song "Daddy's Girl"

Dracula greets wedding guests to Mavis' and Johnny's wedding. Mavis is wearing an elegant black wedding dress with spider webs on the collar and a red pin in the middle of it, a spider web veil and a crystal tiara. Dracula poses for wedding photos with Mavis and Johnny's family, Dracula is seen sitting with Mavis and Johnny at a table watching and listening to Marty as he gives Mavis and Johnny his blessing. Dracula dances with Mavis on the ceiling as they are dancing Mavis asks Dracula why her grandpa Vlad didn't come. Dracula explains to her that Vlad would not have been okay with her marrying a human, and that he isn't as enlightened as he is. Mavis tries to say if only Vlad could meet Johnny, but Dracula assures her that it would have not worked out, and it's best that they never meet. Mavis finally asks her father if he himself is okay with her marrying a human. Dracula smiles and assures her that as long as she is happy it doesn't matter who or what she marries. The wedding ends with Dracula singing a song to Mavis and Johnny and officially giving his blessing to them.

Being a Grandpa[]

One year later after Mavis and Johnny are married, Dracula is in his room painting a monster named Todd when Mavis and Johnny walk into the room. Dracula tells Todd to take a break and puts the paint supplies and easel away and greets Johnny and Mavis. Johnny brings up that Mavis would like to fly with him. Dracula agrees and quickly jumps off the balcony with Mavis transforming into bats. Mavis and Dracula begin to fly around together and start playing a game of hide-and-seek in the clouds. Dracula quickly finds Mavis out of breath resting on a cloud. He asks her if she's okay and she says yes and that it is harder for her to catch her breath because she's pregnant. Dracula becomes overcome with joy, as he flies straight upward and announces to the night that he is going to be a grandpa.


After Dracula finds out he's going to be a grandpa, Mavis is bedridden for the rest of her pregnancy while having Johnny and Dracula take care of her. Dracula spends most of his time trying to counter Mavis' food cravings by having her eat certain monster foods in preparation for his expected vampire baby grandson. Mavis insists that it's possible that the baby will be human but Dracula is confident that with thousands of years of Dracula genes that a human baby is not possible. Dracula gives Mavis a bowl of monster ball soup which is a recipe from her mother, Mavis happily takes the bowl of soup and thanks her dad for it. Mavis then starts to cry, due to her mood swings from her pregnancy which causes Dracula and Johnny to share a confused look at each other.

Dracula spends the following months in eager anticipation for the baby by crossing off the days on his calendar leading up to the big moment. Mavis gives birth to a baby boy which Mavis and Johnny name Dennis. Dracula disguises himself as a human nurse after being not allowed in the delivery room to watch Mavis give birth to his grandson because the doctor told Dracula only the father is allowed in the delivery room. Dracula grabs Dennis and dances around with him in joy. Dracula embraces Dennis and tells him he will never let anything happen to him much like he once told Mavis when she was born.

One year later Dracula, Mavis, Johnny, their friends and Johnny's parents come together to celebrate Dennis' first birthday at the hotel. Everyone gathers around as they begin to open presents for Dennis. Murray gives Dennis a Medallion from the desert, but when Murray puts it on Dennis falls over from the weight of it and starts to cry. Dracula comforts Dennis reassuring him that he's okay while calling him by his vampire name Denisovich. Johnny's father Mike walks over to Dracula and tells argues that his name is Dennis named after his father. Dracula disagrees and ends the conversation. Johnny's mother Linda now comes over to Dracula and questions whether Dennis really is a vampire because of his lack of vampire traits. Dracula's friend Wayne tells Linda that vampires technically have until their fifth birthday to grow in their vampire fangs. Dracula reassures everyone that he will get his fangs. He is a Dracula after all he announces. Afterwards Frank and his wife Eunice come over to give their present to Dennis. A toy guillotine. Mavis thanks Frank and Eunice for giving it to them however she says they have to baby proof the it to protect Dennis. Mavis walks away with Johnny to find baby proof the toy while Dracula jokes that she is being over protective.

Later, as Dennis comes into two years of age one night Dracula and Johnny hear Mavis shouting. Dracula and Johnny quickly rush to Dennis' room thinking there's a problem. Dracula asks Mavis if Dennis is okay, Mavis turns around and says Dennis said his first word with a smile on her face. Dracula's panic quickly turns to joy as he and Johnny enter the room. Mavis gestures to Dracula to speak, Dracula leans in as Dennis says "Bleh, Bleh, Bleh.". Dracula's joy turns to annoyance as he once again assures them that he never says that. Johnny and Mavis continue to play with Dennis as Dracula leaves. Dracula quickly returns catching Mavis in the act of teaching Dennis what to say.

Monster Training Boot Camp[]

Dracula promises to watch over Dennis while Mavis and Johnny are away.

As Dracula's concerns for Dennis not being a vampire worsen, Mavis decides it might be best to leave the hotel and move to Johnny's hometown in California to raise Dennis in a safer place. Seeing this as his last chance, Dracula comes up with a plan to distract Mavis with a vacation away from the hotel while he works on training Dennis into being a monster. Dracula convinces Mavis to go to California with Johnny while he takes care of Dennis. Mavis although worries at first agrees and leaves for California with Johnny.

Dark Forest Municipal Park And Bike Trail.

The next night, While Mavis and Johnny are in California visiting Johnny's parents, Dracula, Wayne, Griffin, Frank, Murray, and Blobby leave the hotel on one of the Dracula's Hearse to various locations to show Dennis how to be a monster. They arrive at the Dark Forest which has since then been turned into a human friendly park, Dark Forest Municipal Park and Bike Trail. Dracula instructs Dennis to put his har back to make it look like his, and tells Dennis that he's going to see how every monster does their special way of scaring humans. Frankenstein tried to scare two female joggers, but instead they were happy to see Frank and instead they asked to take a selfie with him. Dracula now annoyed tells Dennis to mimic what Frank did an scare the next group of joggers. Dennis jumps out and yells "Boo", but the joggers simply admire Dennis and him being adorable while running off. Dracula sees that this plan has failed and moves onto the next plan.

The crew travel deeper into the forest to begin the next phase of their training. Dracula spots a deer and has Wayne to kill it to inspire Dennis. Wayne is reluctant at first but eventually obeys Dracula. Wayne approaches the deer but quickly forgets to how to be a werewolf and insteads says "Growl" to it and at last retrieves a frisbee. Growing impatient, Dracula turns to Murray and tells him it's his turn. Dracula tells Murray to summon a sandstorm to impress Dennis. Murray although hesitant agrees to do it despite it being so long since he's summoned anything. Murray does his spell, however he just ends up throwing out his back instead, and summons a small amount of sand, which Dennis makes a snowman out of. Dracula fears at this point that he is running out of time and quickly takes the crew back to the hearse to travel to their final destination.

Camp Winnepacaca

Dracula takes Dennis to his childhood Summer Camp, Camp Winnepacaca to teach him the ways of the vampire. He tells Dennis all the great activities he used to do, and how he learned to shape-shift, catch mice, use his incredible power, and strength and turn into a bat. When Dracula and the others take Dennis to Camp Winnepacaca, they find out that it is under new management and Dracula is not pleased with all the changes done.

Dracula meets the new camp instructor, Dana, as he takes them through the night doing safe activities and singing campfire songs. Dracula finally having enough abandons the campfire with Dennis to show him the old camp tower where vampires used to jump off to learn to transform into bats. The rest of the crew realize Dracula has left and quickly follow him and Dennis close behind. The crew climb the tower where Dracula begins to toss Dennis off. Frank pleads with Dracula that it is a bad idea, however Dracula ignores him insisting Dennis needs time to learn to fly. Dracula throws Dennis off the tower only realizing shortly after that it was a mistake. Dracula jumps down and safely grabs Dennis before he hits the ground. Dennis is excited from the fall and asks Dracula if they could do it again.

Dana and the rest of the camp kids run over to the tower to see what was going on. Dana is furious and insists that he will need to inform authorities or Dennis' mother about this, Dracula attempts to hypnotize Dana into forgetting what he say, however because Dana is also a vampire, the trick doesn't work. In the chaos, Mavis calls Dracula on his phone demanding to know where he and Dennis is. Dracula tries to convince her that they are at the hotel but Mavis is not fooled. Dracula immediately returns to the hotel with Johnny.

Dracula is stunned after watching the video of him throwing Dennis off the jump tower.

After a series of obstacles Dracula, Dennis, and the others arrive at the hotel right after Mavis and Johnny returned. Mavis however already knows about what Dracula has been doing, after seeing a Youtube video of Dracula throwing Dennis off the tower filmed by one of the camp kids. Mavis takes Dennis back angrily, tell Dracula that she doesn't even feel safe having Dennis around him anymore. Dracula lowers his head in sadness as Mavis and Johnny walk away with Dennis.

Vlad's Appearance at the Party[]

Отель 5020.png

Later, Dracula and the Loughran family have dinner excluding Vlad, everybody is having a good time. When Mavis says that she invited her grandpa Vlad to Dennis' 5th birthday party, Dracula spits out his drink all over Linda's clothes. Dracula claims that there is going to be a masquerade party for the birthday, and then he freezes everyone but Johnny. Dracula tells Johnny that Vlad can not know that he and his family are humans, and that Vlad would steal Johnny's family's souls and even Johnny backpack, then unfreezes other people. So, Johnny confirms to the family that he has Dennis' 5th birthday party as a monster masquerade party.

On that night on Dennis' 5th birthday, everybody is having a great time at the hotel; Dracula walks through the monsters nervously smiling as a monster tells Dracula that the party is amazing. Dracula spots Johnny in a red vampire costume with an exaggerated wig and fake fangs. Dracula asks Johnny if that is really his vampire costume, and that he's nuts. Johnny says he ordered his vampire costume online, and that it was the only place he could deliver it overnight. Dracula tells Johnny that his vampire wig looks like a baboon's butt.

Then, Dracula asks Johnny if he has practiced his vampire voice and tells Johnny he can't just act like a hippy and Johnny says he's not a hippy he's a slacker then Dracula tells Johnny to talk like a vampire then Johnny talks like a vampire and Johnny says my name is count Johnafanng I am a vampire blah blah Dracula says vampires don't go around saying i'm a vampire and Johnny apologies and says sorry then Johnny tries again to talk like a vampire I am count Johnafang blah blah and Dracula says are you kidding me and Johnny says sorry that he's can't sound like a vampire and Johnny says that nervous afraid that he's not going to make a first good impression to Vlad when he arrives and Dracula says if he does not the word blah blah his dad would definitely not like it just then the suit of armor walks up to them announcing that Kakie has arrived at the hotel then reveals Kakie Brandon the 40 year old actor who plays Kakie the cake monster on Dennis' favorite video series then Johnny introduces Dracula to Brandon and Brandon says hey man to Dracula then Dracula says hes nauseated to met him and Brandon asks Dracula when does the show start because he says he has a book fair to go to in a half an hour.

Vlad enters the ball room.

Just then the ball room doors all the sudden burst open to reveal Vlad and demands to know where his vampson Dennis then Dracula feel annoyed asks his dad why he still does dramatic entrances then Dracula puts on a fake smile and pretends to be happy to see his dad says it is good to see him and laughs then Vlad sounding annoyed and says that his son the prince of darkness has become the king of room service and is running a hotel and Dracula laughs and tells his dad he will be right with him as he silently slips Brandon away so that Vlad doesn't see him and as Dracula slips Brandon away so that Brandon can change into Kakie the cake monster as Dracula and Brandon pass by Frank who eats a whole plate of hors d'oeuvres, Dracula tells Frank to keep Vlad away from the humans and Mavis and Frank with his mouth full says he's on it.


Then Dracula swoops in to hide Dennis' half human side before Vlad figures out that Dennis is half human then Vlad asks Dracula what is he doing as Dracula cradles Dennis in his arms and Dracula tells his dad that he loves Dennis so much that he wants to hug him right in the fangs then Vlad use his magic to take Dennis out of Drac's arms and places Dennis in front of him and tells Dennis again to show his fangs and so Dennis opens his mouth.

Dracula and Johnny become nervous that Vlad is about to discover that the kid does not have fangs, and then Vlad realizes Dennis might be a late-fanger just like Dracula. Johnny sighs in relief that Vlad has not discovered that Dennis is half human, and Dracula chuckles and puts Dennis back on the ground. Vlad says to Murray, Frank, and Johnny that Dracula used to be a giant cry baby. Dracula and Johnny awkwardly laugh at that; Vlad adds that Dracula used to pee in his bed, which in turn does annoy Drac a lot.

Vlad tells them they need to scare the fangs out of Dennis. Johnny sounding scared, asks 'scare out the hangs?' and Vlad finally explains how he managed to scare the fangs out of Dracula: they have to show the person who they're scaring the fangs out of (Dennis) something that the boy would find sweet and innocent (Kakie the cake monster) which would get possessed by. To show Dennis what a monster is, Vlad demonstrates what popping Dennis' fangs out would be like with a balloon, which makes Dracula and Johnny gasp in horror.

Just then, Brandon who is now dressed up in his Kakie the cake monster costume, walks up to Dracula, Johnny, and Vlad and tells them seriously that if he misses the book fair he'll miss the street fair. Dracula points to Kakie and tells his dad that Kakie is the one that he needs to be possessed. Vlad chuckles and follows the disguised Kakie, when Johnny tells Dracula that if they let Vlad possess Kakie, Dennis will be very upset. But Dracula reassures Johnny that if the possession cause Dennis' fangs to pop out then boom he's a vampire then Dennis, Mavis and him can stay at the hotel then Johnny relents by saying capes and Dracula says good call.


Then, as the performance starts, Vlad possesses Kakie, as planned. Drac asks Dennis if Kakie the cake monster is scary, and asks him if he feels anything different or feels any change. Dennis starts concerned about Kakie and Dennis asks Dracula if Kakie is okay then Kakie spit out cakes out of his mouth that hits all the guests in the face. Dennis asks Dracula what's happening to Kakie. Kakie roars at Dennis and exclaims "you don't eat cake, cake eats you!" Dennis shouts and buries his face into Dracula's chest not to see.

Upset, Dracula stops Vlad's control over Kakie with a display of his own powers, turning Kakie back to normal. Vlad then asks Dracula why he stopped him, and Dracula says it wasn't worth it. Mavis, surprised, asks what was going on, and so, Dracula tells her that it was his last attempt to turn Dennis into a vampire so that her, Dennis and Johnny can stay. Mavis angrily says, "by ruining his favourite thing? how could you do that?" Dracula tries to explain the possession but Johnny replies saying they were desperate and then Mavis realizes that Johnny was against moving too, and Johnny tells her it's likely that Dennis wouldn't be happy in his town. Mavis tells Johnny that Dennis is not a monster, which causes Vlad to gasp in shock to find out that his great grandson is half-human, and not a full vampire.

Mavis says he like avocados and Johnny tells Mavis that she doesn't let Dennis eat anything fun. Linda says she thinks that Dennis just wants to be normal and Mavis asks them to stop talking about Dennis being normal and Dracula exclaims that "where we live now is normal" and Mavis tells her dad that Dennis just is who he is and he can't change him.

Then Vlad tells Dracula if he had stopped him Dennis wouldn't have to be a wimp his whole life like Johnny supposedly is who, over-hearing this, angrily walks up to Vlad. Then by mistake, Johnny pulls off the wig of his classic vampire disguise and Dracula shouts. Vlad gasps in shock once again when he finds out that Johnny is a human and not a vampire. Mike, Johnny's father, says "Of course, he's human, he's our son. You think we're monsters?" and he and Linda wipe the Makeup off their faces. Vlad is more than shocked at this point that his son let his daughter marry a human being and then have a human kid. Feeling so upset, he also tells Dracula to just drive a stake through his heart.

Dracula tells Vlad they don't hate humans anymore and humans don't hate monsters anymore and the rest of Johnny's family reveal themselves. Then Vlad's side-kick Bela who has been spying through a window and watching the whole thing yells the word humans and growls. Then Vlad tells Dracula he is a fool then Dracula back at his dad that his great-grandson Dennis is "the sweetest, kindest most special boy he has ever met and if he (Vlad) can't give him the love he deserves, since he (Dennis) is half human then he's the fool". Upon hearing her dad's words, Mavis runs up to her dad and hugs him.

Bela's Attack[]

Dennis fighting Bela

As the family fight comes too close, Johnny realizes that Dennis is missing, and everybody starts to panic and search for him in the hotel, looking everywhere and anywhere for him, even calling out his name numerous times. Then the families decides to go outside to search for Dennis, but as they leave the hotel to search for Dennis, Mavis yells at her grandfather and tells him that she deeply regrets inviting him to Dennis' 5th birthday party. Dracula and Vlad share the same sad expression on their faces. Then Dracula goes outside with the others and transforms into his bat form and flies off with Mavis who also transforms into her bat form and flies off to look for Dennis, until they hear the sound of bat roars and they rush to the origin of the sound thinking Dennis is in danger.

However, by the time they get there, Dracula and Mavis are surprised to see Dennis is already transformed into a tiny bat form and battling Bela on his own. Then once everybody spot Dennis, Dracula and Mavis transform back to their human forms and surrounding him, everybody tells Dennis that they're very proud of him.

Just then, Dennis senses Bela's gang was coming and Dennis quickly transforms back into his bat form and starts to fight off the bat cronies off one by one, which encourages Dracula and Mavis to fight the bat cronies. As Dracula eagerly says "Oh this is going to be fun," Dracula rushes in to fight the bat cronies and kicks the bat cronies in a zigzag motion, punches them in the face and freezes them in the air, finally walking away and unfreezing the bat cronies to make them crash into each other. Then Dracula in his bat form finishes off the bat cronies along with Mavis and Dennis in their bat forms as well.

After the battle with the bat cronies, Dracula and the other monsters and humans cheer in victory as the bat cronies fly away in defeat. Just then, Johnny jumps in doing some karate moves which annoys Dracula. Then Dennis asks Dracula now that he's vampire and a superhero if he is cool now, Dracula reassures Dennis that he has always been cool human, vampire, unicorn no matter what. Then Dennis asks if they can stay at the hotel and Mavis agrees and the monsters cheer in excitement and Linda tells Dennis that they'll come visit him every holiday, and everybody cheers in excitement at the same time. Bela is fuming with anger and grabs a stick decided to kill Johnny in revenge. Bela bursts out of the bushes and flies at Johnny and prepares to kill him, so Johnny protects himself. All of a sudden, Bela is frozen with Dracula and everybody being surprised that it is Vlad who saved Johnny's life. Vlad tells Bela to never come near him or his family again, as he shrinks Bela to a harmless size. Bela tries to run away and he gets licked by the werewolf kids, which causes Dracula to chuckle and proudly tell his father that he just saved a human.

Vlad laughs and apologizes to Dennis for putting him under all that pressure for forcing his fangs to come out and Vlad says who cares and says his fangs came out years ago and he takes out his fangs to show Dennis, which causes Dennis to laugh and Dracula tells his father to put his fangs back in his mouth before they all barf and Johnny says to Dennis "isn't it still somebody's birthday?"


Dracula, the other monsters and humans head back to the hotel to continue Dennis' 5th birthday celebration. Dracula becomes the D.J then dances with his dad. When all the attendants waits for Dennis' cake, Elderly Gremlin devours it and says her catchphrase "I didn't do that".

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation[]


Dracula is suffering from loneliness in his love life and trying his best to find a love interest but to no avail. Thinking Drac is in a state of overwork, Mavis suggests to him, his friends and other monsters to go on vacation in the Legacy cruise ship to release stress.

Monster Vacation[]

However, little did they know that the captain of the ship named Ericka Van Helsing is actually trying to trap and destroy them to preserve Abraham Van Helsing's (the legendary monster hunter and Ericka's great-grandfather) legacy.


Dance Party[]


Hotel Transylvania: Transformania[]




Dracula has a very unstable relationship with his father as he was estranged from him for centuries. Vlad can be very cynical and likes to ridicule Drac for the choices he makes. He reveals to Johnathan that Dracula was a late fanger, like Dennis, and that he had to "scare the fangs" out of him. The two make peace by the end of Hotel Transylvania 2, when Vlad saves Johnny and sees the humans as part of the family. Father and son are seen dancing together at Dennis' birthday party. After this, their relationship seems to have improved, as Vlad joins the rest of the family on vacation, although Dracula is still embarrassed by him.

Mavis Dracula[]

Mavis is Dracula's only daughter and the apple of his eye. He has a multitude of sugary/affectionate nicknames he refers to her as and plans all of her birthday parties personally. He is very protective over her and would do anything to keep her safe, even lie to her. He was very paranoid that the same fate that befell her mother would befall Mavis should she ever come into contact with humans, and her safety was what spurred him to built Hotel Transylvania in the first place. Mavis's carefree and adventurous nature made this difficult, as what she wanted more than anything was to venture beyond the hotel grounds and see the world for herself. When Drac realized that she had zinged with a human, he accepted that her happiness was more important to him than his fears, and he went out of his way to reunite them. He planned Mavis's wedding for her, which she expresses as being everything she wanted. When he finds out that she is pregnant, he is overjoyed at the thought of being a grandpa, and dotes on her throughout her pregnancy. Drac helps her and Johnathan raise Dennis, even though he and Mavis do not agree at first how he should be brought up. Mavis begins to take on a protective role on Drac by Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation, and worries about him working too much and then for his safety with the captain of the cruise ship. Drac has to ease her paranoia, promising her that nothing will ever take him away from her.


Dennis is Dracula's grandson and one of the greatest joys in his life. Unwilling to accept his grandson's dull name (which belonged to his paternal great-grandfather), Dracula calls him "Denisovich". Drac always believed that Dennis would be a vampire, but was unable to share many monster customs with him due to Mavis's concerns about her son's safety, should he actually be human. He constantly coos at and praises Dennis, insisting that he's "the best kid in the world". When Dennis reveals his vampire powers, Dracula is happy and proud of him for beating Bela and his cronies. He even stated Dennis is perfect the way he is, whether he was human or monster. Mavis and Johnny would not buy Dennis a puppy, Dracula was unable to say no, and obtained one for him.




Dracula fell in love with a female Vampire named Martha after they bumped into one another as bats. Dracula and Martha zinged at first sight and they began their new lives together. They quickly married and had a daughter named Mavis Dracula. Only a few months after Mavis was born, their home was attacked by a mob of angry humans. The attack resulted in Martha's death and forced a devastated Drac to flee with their child that the loss of his wife caused Dracula to become very overprotective of Mavis.

In Puppy!, it is shown that Dracula has moved on from his single life after Martha's death:

Ericka Van Helsing[]

After Dracula became a widower for 128 years, Dracula finally felt ready to date again. After unsuccessfully searching for a new zing on his phone, Dracula meets Ericka on board the Legacy cruise ship and he immediately zinged with her, but he is unaware of her family history in monster hunting. Oblivious to Ericka's attempts to kill him, Dracula inadvertently softened her view on monsters, and himself, by being a model dad and grandfather, showing her genuine kindness, and saving her life several times. After they calmed down the Kraken, Dracula and Ericka zinged together. Upon returning to the hotel, Dracula proposed to her and she responded "Yes".



Dracula and Frankenstein have been pals for a long time and they would do anything for each other.

Eunice Stein[]

Eunice annoys Dracula

Wayne Werewolf[]

Dracula and Wayne are very good friends, who've known each other for a long time. Dracula is treated as a Uncle to Wayne's kids. Dracula secretly finds the misery Wayne endures from having countless children to be hilarious.

Wanda Werewolf[]

Dracula and Wanda have an OK friendship, but not much is shown of them.


Dracula and Griffin are very good friends where Griffin often likes to pull pranks on Dracula by taking advantage of his invisibility.


Dracula and Murray are old friends where Murray comes to his hotel every year and Dracula likes Murray coming there, Dracula doesn't like the sand Murray comes in with.

Jonathan Loughran[]

Dracula and Jonathan got off to a rocky start as Dracula did not like him at all simply because he was a human. But after bonding while racing tables, they start to like each other. By the end of the the first movie, Dracula respects Jonathan and vice versa.


Abraham Van Helsing[]

Dracula encountered Abraham multiple times in the past and always successfully evaded Abraham's attempts on his life. Dracula never seems to address him as enemy rather than an annoying monster hunter as Drac had no intention to end Abraham's life only injuring him to make Abraham stopped pursuing him. After Abraham realizes that hurting persecuting monsters was wrong; He eventually accepted monsters and knowing that everyone was different in their own unique way.

Memorable Quotes[]

Hotel Transylvania[]

  • "Can't you see we are in the middle of something very normal here?"
  • "No one will ever harm her here."
  • "I promised your mommy I would protect you forever."
  • "Just bend the legs and push off. Trust me, mouse!"
  • "And if a human tries to harm you, I'll simply say.....Aaaarhhgg (roars)!
  • "Good morning Mavy-Wavy! Happy Birthday my little mouse!"
  • "You can go!"
  • "What?! Ooo.. Oh look at me, I am getting goosebumps I'm so scared!"
  • "Who are you, and how did you find this place?"
  • "The legend.... is wrong." It was only... the wife that died.
  • "She was killed by your kind!"
  • "Go hide, I'll protect us."
  • "They are the real monsters" (Referring to the humans for killing Martha)
  • "That....was fun!
  • "Now go and never return!"
  • "Oh, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen!"
  • "I've never said that in my life; "bleh, bleh-bleh. I don't know where that comes from."
  • "(Angrily) Enough, Enough, Stop! Go to a corner, you're in the timeout!
  • "This is how we're represented? Unbelievable!"
  • How could you, after I shared my pain with you? (After seeing Mavis kiss Johnny, he blames him)
  • "I do not say bleh, bleh-bleh!"
  • "(Accidentally wakes Mavis up) Oh! No, no, I didn't mean to startle you, my little baby"
  • "Faster, baby, faster! You got it my little voodoo doll!"
  • "Oh, We never go out there. Ever."
  • "No, I use a blood substitute. Either Near Blood or Blood Beaters. You can't tell the difference."
  • "These are recent human images our surveillance has uncovered. They are getting fatter in order to overpower us and they are wearing less clothing in order to get more movement to strangle us or cut open our heads and shove candy in them! But they will never find us here!"
  • "You know, mommy already gave you her present, can I give you mine?"
  • "So listen all you zingers from here to Beijing!"
  • "Come on. No, no, don't do that! Don't give me the pouty bat face."
  • "Look what I brought you! Your worm cakes!"
  • "Face the wall."

Hotel Transylvania 2[]

  • (To Mavis Dracula) "I would eat a bucket of garlic to fly with you."
  • "Woohoo! I'm gonna' be a Grandpa!"
  • "I don't say bleh, bleh-bleh!"
  • "Trust me, my little Beelzebuddy."
  • "Better - like a vampire!"
  • "Quiet, this is how they learn. You throw them, and they figure it out."
  • "You know what, he's not gonna fly."
  • "Yes, yes, with the phone and the buttons and the agony."
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • (To Dana) "No, that ain't happening. His mother's already nutsy-kookoo!"
  • (To Vlad Dracula) "It's not about tradition, it's about family. The one thing you pushed away. The reason you never got to know your granddaughter and great-grandson!"
  • (To Jonathan Loughran) "Now remember the plan. Just keep her distracted and happy, but not too happy. Kapeesh?"
  • (To Mavis) "Human, vampire, unicorn, as long as you're happy."
  • (After Mavis tells him she's pregnant) "Yes, well I guess that would make it more diffic-- What!?"
  • "A human? With thousands of years of Dracula genes, not gonna happen."
  • "Yes a human, who can fly as a bat."
  • (Referring to Martha) "She was my zing."
  • (after hearing Johnny's vampire talk) "Okay, vampires don't go around saying 'I am a vampire!'"
  • "Yeah, listen, if you think I don't like it, you definitely don't want to say 'bleh, bleh-bleh' in front of my father."
  • "Oh, please. Still have to make a dramatic entrance."
  • (To Vlad) "We don’t hate humans anymore, and they don’t hate us."
  • (To Vlad) "Your great-grandson is the sweetest, kindest, most special boy I’ve ever met. And if you can’t give him the love he deserves because he’s half human, then you’re the fool!"
  • (To Vlad) "Daddy, you just saved a human."
  • "How do you click in the stupid carseat?"
  • (To vampire kid) "it's right there! What's the matter with you?"

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation[]

  • "Oh, no, no, no, no, I'm far too busy! I have Mavis, and Dennis, and the hotel, and blah blah blah..."
  • "Too many eyes, too few eyes, not into tentacles..."
  • "There are no fun surprises!"
  • "A CRUISE???"
  • "E dooby day shoola e gooby day?"
  • "No, no, nonot okay, not okay! I... I... zinged."
  • "I know, I know! You can't zing twice, it's impossible! But I did, so now what!?"
  • "Don't say a word or I'll haunt your dreams."
  • "I'm just here to have family fun, family-family-fun-fun."
  • "I understand, family is everything. We have to honor the past, but we make our own future."
  • Dennis! Dennis? Dennis!? Dennis! Oh, yeah, you're right! Where is that kid? Denisovich? You're supposed to be with me! Come on now kid it's family time!"
  • "She is the most important person in the world to me! I have to tell her the truth—right after I talk to Ericka."
  • "Huh? Oh, uh, well you know, vampires can predict the future, so I knew you would need my help."
  • "Don't you want to get your family heirloom thingie?"
  • "I zinged... with Ericka."
  • "There are two things I can promise you; One, nothing can ever take me from you, and all of my family. Two, I will never live on a boat."
  • "Oh, right. You run that Holiday Inn down by the airport."
  • "Van Helsing!? After all these years... you look... awful!"
  • ["It's time we start a new legacy!"] "...A monster-human legacy."
  • "Because, basically, we are all the same! Claws or hands, two eyes or three eyes—"
  • "I was going to ask you if... you would marry me."


  • He is the only character to appear in every media of the franchise. But has a slient role in Goodnight, Mr. Foot.
  • It is unknown what his first name is as he is referred to by his last name or its abbreviation, Drac.
    • He is also known as Count or Voivode.
  • Dracula is right-handed.
  • According to Vlad Dracula (Dracula's father), Dracula was a "late fanger".
    • In Hotel Transylvania 2, a deleted scene shows that Vlad had "scared the fangs" out of Dracula when he was very young by possessing his baby raccoon named Lulu. He made it appear as though Lulu would attack him, and Drac responded with his fangs bursting out, and roaring fiercely at her, causing Lulu to flee and the memory of the event still makes Drac tearful.
  • Contrary to the myths about vampire weaknesses, Dracula is not deathly affected by sunlight or garlic:
    • Sunlight causes his body to smoke and it can give him serious burns when exposed for long periods of time, although he will heal quickly if he returns to the shadows.
    • He originally says that garlic makes his throat swell.
  • As seen over a brief animated short only in the 2015 award show Premios Juventud, aired in the Univisión channel, it was revealed that Dracula's cape has a nickname; Pepita ("nugget") ("nugget"/"pumpkin seed" in Spanish) and it might have a will of its own.
  • Drac is not attracted to monsters with:
  • Dracula uses a Sony Xperia smartphone.
  • Dracula has a similar personality to Marlin from Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo. They are overly protective of their children: Marlin's case, his son Nemo. They soon decide to let their kids go with their own choices.
  • In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Drac finally says "blah blah blah".
  • Drac is the only known monster to Zing twice:


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