The Hearse is a vehicle that Dracula and his friends use to travel around Transylvania together, and to escort guests to the hotel.


The hearse is a common vehicle seen in the movie. Though its old-fashioned appearance, the hearse shares some similarities to modern cars, since a CD and cassete player is seen equipped in it. It can transport passengers (such as monsters or humans) between the hotel and the outside world. Though the guests of the hotel often arrive the hotel by themselves, the hotel also offer a service that brings the guests to the hotel.

Wayne and his Werewolf family arrive to the place in Hotel Transylvania. It is later used by Dracula and his friends when they go out to search for Johnny. In Hotel Transylvania 2, it is seen that the Zombies, as part of the Hotel Transylvania Staff, can offer the reservation of the hearse; later, Mavis and Johnny go to the airport to Santa Cruz by a hearse while Dracula secretly takes Dennis in another with Griffin driving. The hearse that Dracula uses is eventually destroyed when Frank inadvertently sets Camp Winnepacaca on fire and a burning tree falls on the vehicle, blowing it up.



  • The number plate of one of the hearses reads "UNDEAD".
  • As said by Dracula, Mavis reached the age to drive the hearse (in Hotel Transylvania).