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Dracula is the current owner of Hotel Transylvania and is Mavis' father. When Dracula left for the vampire council, he left his sister Lydia in charge of the hotel. He is the overall deuteragonist of Hotel Transylvania: The Series.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Dracula has pale white skin, blue eyes, pointy ears and black hair. He also wears a black suit and cape. The inside of his cape is colored dark purple.


Dracula is very friendly to the guests of Hotel Transylvania and his friends. Especially his daughter, Mavis, who he loves very much. Dracula is often seen as overprotective towards Mavis and does everything he can to pamper and protect her.

Despite his flaws, Dracula does his best to be a great father to Mavis, and Mavis understands this, although Mavis does wish her father would stop treating her like a child.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit