Elderly Gremlin is a character that appears in the animated film Hotel Transylvania. She is an old gremlin. Her catchphrase and common line in the movie is "I didn't do that", right after she eats something.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

When Eunice won the bingo game, this elderly gremlin ate her card. Eunice then became very angry at her.

Later while the music is playing in the gym, she eats the scooter.

Also when Jonathan is discovered as a human and the monsters are angry and complaining while trying to check out, she says with outrage, "He let me eat his SCOOTER!"

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

She is present during the battle against Bela's bat cronies. She actually eats one of the cronies attacking Mike and Linda, afterwards saying her famous line "I didn't do that", much to Mike and Linda's confusion.

Finally she is seen at Dennis' birthday party in the ending scene. She eats Dennis' birthday cake whole and says "I didn't do that."

"Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation"Edit

Theotrically speaking, Elderly Gremlin is supposedly to appear in the sequel. But then, she is scrapped for unknown reasons (possibly, she has no part for the story).

But, they're might be a strong belief; she may appear again in the possible upcoming fourth film.


  • Her catchphrase, "I didn't do that", is a running gag throughout the movie and is also used in the ending credits. It is also probably a reference to Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, who often says "I didn't do it!".
  • For unknown reasons she does not appear in Hotel Transylvania 3.