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The Female Mummy is a character from the Hotel Transylvania series. Murray is very seductive towards her, and is in love with her, but she is not

Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

In the beginning of the movie, she walks toward the front desk with an invitation in her hand that Dracula was passing out, about Mavis' 118th birthday party.

She's also seen when green flames bursts out from the fireplace after a Witch emits a fart to the fire. She and Murray look to the explosion, and she looks back at him; Murray says, "I was not the cause of that", denying that he farted (which was actually Frank's mischief). No one believes him; she narrows her eyes, putting her hand up in front of him and leaving. Murray's head lowers down between his shoulders and blushes out of embarrassment.

She is later seen in the gym, when Murray talks to her, she turned her head away indifferently. In the pool of the hotel, she is seen sitting at the edge of the pool; behind her, Wayne is appoaches Invisible Man sneakily and removes his short. Also, in the birthday party, she rocks with the music by shaking her butt in an Egyptian fashion next to Mavis and Johnny.

She is later seen at the front desk with the other guests, trying to check-out after Johnny was revealed as a human. She eventually appears again in the audience during the celebration for Mavis and Johnny.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

In the beginning of the movie, she sits with Murray at Johnny's and Mavis' wedding. Still, she is not interested in Murray, but Murray is happy and shows off his mate about his "girlfriend".

She later appears at Dennis' 5th birthday party with Murray. She walks away from Murray when Frank introduces Vlad to Murray, who is horrified to see him at first. As of the final celebration for Dennis' 5th birthday, she dances with Murray and then with Blobby after Murray stuffs up his back again.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer VacationEdit

She sits next to Murray on the Gremlin Airline's Plane.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that she is in fact Cleopatra due to her Egyptian outfit.
  • In the game “Hotel Transylvania Dash”, she carries the most suitcases of any character.