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The Fly is a character in Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2. He is voiced by Chris Parnell.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

The Fly is the fitness coordinator at Hotel Transylvania who works at the pool and the gymnasium. There was also a small fly at the gym, though it is unknown if they are related.

He can even speak 'Frozen' because he was able to translate Quasimodo Wilson's words due to the fact he's still magically frozen. He translated to the monsters about Jonathan being a human as Quasimodo suspected.

He has a habit of spitting in his hands and rubbing them due to the traits of normal flies. When others try to imitate him during the fitness part, he tells them not to do it.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

He is shown at the front desk looking at and commenting on a phone app Johnny showed him. He appears to have a child, and they both attend the birthday party of Werewolf Kids. In the party, however, some the wolf pups becoming extremely hyperactive after devouring candies inside a piñata Mavis hit, he picks up his running kid before he being run over by the uncontrolled pups.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Edit

Inspiration Edit

He was likely modeled after the character from the 1958 and 1986 films The Fly who was a human scientist who mixed his DNA with a fly's in a teleporter mishap.