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Ginger[1] (ak Frankenginger[2] or Frankenlady[3]) is a minor character in Hotel Transylvania 3

Official ProfileEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Frankenlady is an attractive monster with red shoulder-length hair with square bangs and the bottom of her hair sticking upwards. She has pale green skin with many stitches, with her right arm being pale blue and muscular like her cousin, Frankenstein. She also wears a sparkling red dress and shoes, has green eyes and periwinkle eye-shadow.


Given the way she has such a muscular right arm, Frankenlady did come a little too strong for Dracula when she invited him to the dance floor. ​​​​


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer VacationEdit

Frankenlady is Frankenstein's cousin... from his right hand's side (which means that she has the same right arm as Frank). Literally. In the film, she is set up with Drac during a wedding dance and things seem to go well. Until, Drac is put off by her freakishly strong and big right arm. Luckily during a quick dance, Drac manages to get away by changing the song and leaves Frankenlady.


  • Ginger being Frank's "right-arm cousin", is a reminder on Johnny making up a fib to Frank about being his right's arm's cousin while he was disguised like "Johnnystein" from the first film.
  • Ginger appears in the book, Drac's In Love, and her muscular arm is the same pale green color as her skin.

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    Then he used his powers to zap Johnny's DJ booth and change the music to something fast-paced to get him out of the romantic moment. It worked. "I love this song!" Frank's cousin Ginger said.
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