Gene Dracula (also called Uncle Gene by Mavis[1]) is a recurring character who appears in Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

He is Mavis' great-uncle[2] although she regularly drops the "great" and calls him just "Uncle Gene" like her aunt does. Or simply "uncle".[3]

Eugene appears to be his full name.[4]


He is 4000 years old, as stated in Four Monsters And A Funeral.


When he was young, Lycidias was his babysitter (indicating Lycidias is even older)

Physical AppearanceEdit

He is very elderly and possibly has impaired sight.

He is shown at Mavis' age in a photo he displays in For Whom the Smell Tolls, showing he had red hair.


He is mainly shown playing video games, however on some occasions he helps Mavis. Like when she asked him if Aunt Lydia had any friends or if there is a mirror for vampires, even when she rushes out of the room before he tells her the down side of his advice. Gene doesn't like seeing his niece being hurt by her own reflection or by a large, cursing mummy while trying to defend one of her friends.


Mavis DraculaEdit

Mavis and Gene seem to have a good relationship.They play video games together among other things. She often asks him for advice when confronted with certain problems about her aunt or other things and he readily provides her with information. Mavis, however notes that his ideas almost never work but keeps asking him. He usually seems happy to see her.

Camilia Edit

He seems to know the day of her death.



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  3. in What Lycidias Beneath Mavis mentions "my aunt, my uncle and my dad".
  4. in What Lycidias Beneath, Lycidias calls him "little Eugene"
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