Hank N Stein is one of Mavis' friends at Hotel Transylvania. He is one of the new characters who only appeared in the Hotel Transylvania: The Series.

Official ProfileEdit

Hank is the son of Frank and Eunice and one of Mavis' friends, that is helping her run the hotel their way. Hank is mostly seen as the lone-monster on the totem pole, as he is picked for being volunteer and the butt in his friend's jokes. As well as being clumsy, isn't very good at scaring other monsters and can remove his body parts like his parents. Like his father, Hank is afraid of fire, possibly from hearing Frank's experiences with it or due to instinct since he wasn't afraid of it when he was turned into human boy. Hank is also seen as the smartest in the group, as he helps Mavis's fix her mistakes, come up with ways to cover up their mess from Aunt Lydia and tries to talk some sense into Mavis plans.