Hotel Transylvania is a video game developed by Way Forward and published by GameMill Entertainment. It was released in September 2012 for Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.


Featuring a wide variety of locations, puzzles, and boss battles galore, fight your way as Mavis to save Johnny from the clutches of Quasimodo. The game creates an imaginative and fun way to interact with the movie characters.

Game OverviewEdit

Hotel Transylvania is where the Monsters go to get away from the Humans… When a human shows up unexpectedly, it's your job to help him survive a night at the scariest hotel on the planet! Plus enjoy tons of hidden rooms only on the Nintendo 3DS! Features

  • 18 Monsters
  • 1400 Hidden Gems
  • Beautiful scenes from the movie!


Hotel Transylvania Game Launch Trailer - 3DS DS

Hotel Transylvania Game Launch Trailer - 3DS DS



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