AVAILABLE NOW.  The Official Game of the Hotel Transylvania 2 movie by Sony Pictures Animation is now available on your iOS and Android mobile devices. It's a builder game with all the monsters and human characters from Hotel Transylvania 2, more like Dracula and Jonathan Loughran. The game was deleted in 2017.

Enjoy action packed adventures while transforming into a bat, conjuring a sandstorm, eating scream cheese, doing the Vamp Dance, all while winning bountiful gold, collectible, decorations and rewards.

Official Game Teaser Trailer[edit | edit source]


Hotel Transylvania 2 The Game - Official Launch Teaser

Official Gameplay Trailer[edit | edit source]


Hotel Transylvania 2- The Game - Official Google Play Launch Gameplay Trailer

Character Trailers[edit | edit source]


Hotel Transylvania 2 The Game - Dracula

Get batty with Dracula!


Hotel Transylvania 2 The Game - Dennis

Join Dennis in a dance!


Hotel Transylvania 2 The Game - Mavis

Get slurpy with Mavis!


Hotel Transylvania 2 The Game - Johnny

Play games with Johnny!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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