Kakie or otherwise known as Brandon, is the star of Dennis' favorite TV and video series. Kakie‘s only appearance is in Hotel Transylvania 2.

In his TV show for children, he plays the role of a sweet monster Kakie and he teaches children moral lessons like sharing; but in real life, Brandon is an indifferent man and shows little feelings.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

Kakie was and is the star of Dennis's favorite TV and video series while he was growing up in the Hotel with his family. When Dracula first sees the video of Kakie, he questions Mavis on how Kakie is a monster and when Kakie says that a real monster always shares, Dracula starts to tell Dennis what a real monster is by his terms, but Mavis stops him and takes Dennis back to bed.

During Dennis's fifth birthday party at the hotel, Brandon was invited to the hotel for performing Kakie for Dennis. However, when Vlad arrived at the party and noticed Dennis had not yet grown his fangs, he devised a plan with Dracula to possess Kakie and twist him into something grotesque during his performance so as to scare the fangs out of Dennis.

However, after seeing Dennis becoming too scared of the possessed Kakie, Dracula realizes that their plan was not worth scaring Dennis out of his wits and returned monstrous Kakie back to normal, freeing him from Vlad's control. Soon, he leaves the stage, hoping that none of the parents who witnessed his possession by Vlad will review it on Yelp.


  • He is a parody of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. A blue elephant named Wuzzlelumplebum in the video with him is also a parody of Mr. Snuffleupagas, also from Sesame Street.
  • On the Home Media release of Hotel Transylvania 2, one line of dialogue by Kakie was removed after a mother became worried for her son; the line that was removed was "The scariest monster of all is diabetes!"


Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Kakie one happy monster. Kakie love cake. Yummy! Tummy get a tummy-ache."
  • "Have some cake, Wuzzlelumplebum."
  • "Remember, kids, a real monster always SHARES"
  • "Slow down wuzzlelumplebum, The scariest monster of all is diabetes." (Deleted line)
  • "What a wonderful Kakie day it is!"
  • "Now, I have a question. Who here loves cake?"
  • (when possessed by Vlad) "I want all the cake. Sharing is for cowards!"
  • "You don't eat cake! Cake eat YOU!"