You are not in charge. I am!
— Lydia announcing that she is in charge of the hotel to Mavis.

Lydia Dracula (also called Aunt Lydia) is Dracula's older sister and Mavis's aunt. She is the overall anti heroic deuteragonist in Hotel Transylvania: The Series.


When Dracula left for the vampire council on official vampire business, he called upon Lydia, to look after and run the hotel in his absence. Lydia agreed and decided to use this opportunity to bring more tradition and order into the hotel.


Lydia was born Poopsie (Poopsie Dracula obviously, although Mavis foolishly thinks "Aunt Poopsie" would be on her "death certificate") as revealed in The Naming of the Shrew. As her name was not frightening, she changed it to Lydia as it is a shortening of the name of her famous ancestor Lycidias.

As seen at Poopsie, this may be a reference to a dog that Lydia Deetz encountered.

Eventually it's revealed she was named after Poopsie (cat) the pet of Lycidias.


Lydia describes winning the once-per century Bad Friday competition "five times in a row" before Dracula's winning streak (which Hank implies began 1000 years ago) which could lead one to she is over fifteen centuries (one thousand five hundred, or 1,500 years) old.

In Casket if You Can she mentions "it keeps my bones from turning to dust. A thousand years can really take it's toll on a vampire." to Mavis.

In The Fright Before Creepmas two key references are made:

  • "The highlight of her young, 40-year-old afterlife was when she asked for the only toy she'd ever wanted My First Mace."
  • "Aunt Lydia could have tracked that toy down at any point over the last 1200 years, but she didn't."

This gives an exact calculation that she is 1240 years old as of that episode. It may be that Bad Friday competitions used to happen more often than once per century, or that Hank knew that Draculas had won the competitions for the last Millenium but not specifically WHICH member of the Dracula family.

Lydia over 1000 in My Little Monster Sitter
In My Little Monster-Sitter her profile describes her as being "summoned from 12th century Transylvania", indicating that at some point during the 1100s she began a long stasis sleep in the coffin she is seen waking from in the opening sequence of the TV show. Mavis also thinks Lydia "can't remember what it's like to be less than a thousand years old"

In Enter the Nosepicker / A Human at the Hotel Lydia says to Mavis "Hotel Transylvania has had a sterling reputation for a thousand years." which may have been a lie considering that in Drac to the Future when Mavis travels back in time Drac hadn't founded the hotel yet.

She mentions not having removed her shoes for the last seven-hundred years. Stench lines are seen when she does, though they are not actually shown.

Physical Appearance


with wet hair

She is a tall, slender female vampire with pale white skin and light blue eyes, she has a long oval shaped face with a pointed chin, and rather pointed ears for a vampire.

Her hair is a widow's peak and purple and white hair worn in an up do. When she is rained on in Aunt Lydia's New Clothes that hair falls down.

In addition to her hair, she also sports a pair of bat wings growing out of her head, similar to Vampirina Hauntley. This is not likely hair since it stays up when she is rained on.



Lydia has a shriveled black heart which is shown in The Song Remains Asleep. She is surprised when it begins to beat in response to music.

She makes a comment in Hypnosferatu that "my heart would be pounding if it could" indicating that's not something it normally does. Though given that vampires are undead this may be the case with her brother and niece as well.

In bat form, her body is completely black except for her purple inner wings, which are the same colour as her cape in her vampire form, she has green eyeballs and blue irises too.


Lydia also wears heavy purple makeup on her face. She is the only character seen so far to have an underbite, meaning her lower jaw and teeth protrude further than her upper jaw and teeth. Her typical outfit is a long black gown with full sleeves, with a purple patch with buttons, at the top of the dress, a black pointy collar, a purple cape and a black headpiece, she also carries a purple magic staff, which Diane is sometimes seen sitting on top of. Unlike other vampires she travels on black octopus tentacles instead of regular feet and doesn't wear shoes.


Lydia is strict and stern running Hotel Transylvania alongside her pet chicken, Diane and regularly orders Mavis to complete very important tasks in the hotel, threatening cruel punishments if she fails them, such grounding Mavis and her friends into zombie meat, haunting Mavis' soul forever and making her attend to grooming certain guests.

Mavis, Wendy, Pedro and Hanks antics in the hotel annoy Lydia quite a lot but in spite of this, she is secretly very proud of her niece's work in the hotel.

Lydia also has a very quick temper, and is very scary when angry.

Despite all this Lydia seems to be a bit of a romantic, as she greatly enjoys Cornelius Shivers' romantic novels. She also seems to cry during weddings, prompting her to go have her tear ducts emptied.

Powers and Abilities

  • able to shrink monsters with a beam shot from her hand or eyes (seen in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow)
  • able to telekinetically levitate things
  • able to block spells with her magic staff



Lydia is enshrouded by an aura of flame whenever she teleports. Also when she is angered to the point of being red-faced, a gout of red flame is emitted from the top of her head without actually damaging her hair.

This appears to be mental in origin (perhaps related to her magic) because even when she switches minds with Hank N Stein in Cursery Rhymes when angered she emits fire from the top of his head instead.


As mentioned previously she is able to teleport between various locations, accompanied by a firey flash of smoke.

She is also able to teleport her staff into her hand during Hypnosferatu when she is briefly without it on a date with Donald.


She is able to change humans into animals, as she has done to Kitty Cartwright in Don't Fear the Realtor.


Lydia uses Vampnosis in Hypnosferatu to make Pedro think he is a housefly. This requires verbal reinforcement.

With weak minds like Donald Cartwright she is able to simply snap her fingers and he freezes in place.



Mavis is Lydia's niece, who assists her in running the hotel. She is quite commanding of Mavis, as told above. But does deep down love her, even though she rarely shows it. On rare occasion Mavis and Lydia are seen bonding on common interests, such as the humiliation of Medusa. Lydia also once showed jealousy toward Mavis for cracking the code to the Vapors, something that she never did, however she pretended to congratulate her. In season 2, Lydia and Mavis get along better and they seem to enjoy each other's company more, though Lydia is still very commanding of her and frightens her very much.


Lydia's younger brother, who chose her to manage his Hotel Transylvania, when he goes to work for the vampire council. Lydia's personality greatly contrasts Dracula's upbeat, cheerful, slightly dim witted nature. She can be quite condescending towards him behind his back, as she referred to him as annoying in one episode. Lydia perhaps sees herself as more superior to Dracula in running the Hotel. It is hinted she might be jealous of his popularity and his place in the Vampire council.


Her pet chicken, she is shown to be helpless and kind. Lydia is very controlling of her, and gets very annoyed when she falls sick, Lydia also does not support Diane's hobbies, after persuasion from Mavis, Lydia does allow a birthday party for Diane.

Hank N. Stein, Wendy Blob and Pedro

Her niece's Mavis' three best friends, she mostly speaks to them when she needs them to do something or to scold them.




In one episode of the series, when Mavis and Lydia are hiding behind the bushes near the Cartrights' house, Lydia mention's Mavis' mother and calls her, her sister-law, indicating they had possibly met before Mavis' birth.



  • She is voiced by a man.
  • Her design is very similar to the iconic Disney villain Maleficent.
  • She also resembles Principal Cinch, a character in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls series.
  • She is the only known vampire with an underbite.
  • Pop music will kill her if she listens too long.
  • The reason she is angry a lot is because she received a bad gift as a child.


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