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Mavis's Shrunken Head is a character from the 2012 computer animated comedy film Hotel Transylvania. She is the shrunken head that is placed on Mavis's door and is voiced by Luenell Campbell.


"The one that hangs on Mavis's door acts more like a Greek chorus, however, commenting on Dracula's decisions and actions until he and his guilty conscience finally find a way to shut her up," notes Michelle Raimo Kouyate, President of Production, Sony Pictures Animation.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

The head is first seen, when Dracula arrives to speak to Mavis. The head greets Dracula, who demands to know if his daughter is awake. The head tells Dracula that Mavis is awake, but asks if he will let Mavis see the world outside the Hotel. Drac impatiently tells the head to do her job.

After Mavis returns from seeing a human village (actually a set built by Drac & his zombie staff, with the zombies dressed as villagers to scare Mavis), Drac arrives and the head suspiciously asks Drac why he has been sneaking around. Drac silences the head and enters Mavis' room. Moments later, as Drac closes the door, he lets a huge sigh of relief. The head suspiciously asks Drac what he did, to which Drac replies by saying "What I had to". The head correctly guesses that Drac has done something wrong, but he voices his belief that Mavis would one day thank him. The head remarks "That's what the guy that shrunk my head said!", but Drac silences the head, by shoving a tissue in her mouth.

Later on, after Mavis' birthday party ends (because of Johnny leaving the hotel after he is unmasked, Mavis raging at her father and the monsters leaving to check out), Dracula arrives to comfort his heartbroken daughter. The head, who is aware of what has happened greets Drac in an unimpressed tone, even calling him "Count Crock-ula". She continues ranting on, about how glad she is her eyes are stiched shut, but Drac manages to shut her up, by using his powers to stich her mount shut.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Edit

At the wedding of Mavis & Johnny, the head is one of Mavis' bridesmaids. She is seen hanging from a clothes hangar, with a pink dress on it.

During the ceremony, just as Johnny and Mavis are about to kiss, Drac moves the head in between Johnny and Mavis, who both kiss the head. Drac then moves the head away, so that the newlyweds can share a brief kiss.


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