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Old Post Card

The old Post Card is Dracula's memento of his first meeting with Martha in Hawaii.


An old Hawaiian post card with (one and two bent lines and) an old 'brown' picture/photo of the sea and sky from the island. With the words: PARADISE, You Can Find It All In Hawaii!

Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

Mavis had found the card in one of her Dad's dross's and later learned that "Paradise" was the place where he had met her mother. It became the first place she wanted to see once her Dad lets her leave the hotel and see the rest of the world.

After Quasimodo Wilson reviled the human in the hotel and Dracula read broken hearted Mavis' gift from her mother, she let the card blow away in the wind as she let go of her dream. But Dracula caught it just in time and handed it back to Mavis once he brought Jonathan back the hotel and let them leave the hotel together and create their own Paradise.