Santa Cruz is a city in California that appeared in Hotel Transylvania 2.

This is where Johnny and his brothers and sister were raised by their parents, Mike and Linda.

Hotel Transylvania 2Edit

As Dennis grew older, Mavis began to show interest in Johnny's old home back in California, as she thought it might be a better and safer place to raise Dennis. While Dracula tried everything he could to convince Mavis that the hotel was perfectly safe for Dennis and her to live.

In order to train Dennis into a proper vampire, Dracula convinced Mavis to go on a vacation with Johnny to Santa Cruz to keep her busy. Upon first arriving in California, Mavis instantly fell in love with the place, being fascinated in every single normal things to humans. Johnny took her to several locations including a mini-mart where she discovered several different flavors of various snacks, and to a BMX playground where she met many kids who she thought would be perfect to play with Dennis.

Mavis continued to express her excitement when she and Johnny arrived at his parents, Mike and Linda's, house. However in their efforts to make Mavis feel more comfortable Mike and Linda accidently made Mavis feel like she was weird. Mavis retreated to the roof with Johnny to express her doubts of herself to him, but Johnny reassured her that she wasn't weird and that she's amazing the way she is. Mavis hugs Johnny before they are both interrupted by a phone message on Johnny phone showing Dennis being thrown off a large tower. Mavis instantly calls Dracula to find out what was going on before packing up their things and heading home to Transylvania.



  • In Hotel Transylvania 2, Mavis incorrectly pronounces Santa Cruz, as "Santa Claus".