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Do not disturb.
— Their common reaction when anyone passes by

The Shrunken Heads are members of the staff at Hotel Transylvania. They serve as door knockers for the hotel.

Official ProfileEdit

Shrunken Head

These diminutive staff members possess more attitude than headspace, and the hotel hallways echo with their announcements and opinions. "More smart-mouthed than scary," according to director Genndy Tartakovsky, the shrunken heads primarily hang on doorknobs to designate which rooms need maid service or wish not to be disturbed. "The one that hangs on Mavis's door acts more like a Greek chorus, however, commenting on Dracula's decisions and actions until he and his guilty conscience finally find a way to shut her up," notes Michelle Raimo Kouyate, President of Production, Sony Pictures Animation.

List of Shrunken HeadsEdit