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The Suits of Armor are part of the staff at Hotel Transylvania. They are voiced by Brian George. 

Throughout the film, one usualy rushes to Dracula to infrom him of a problem in the hotel, which he would usualy remedy as soon as he's infromed.

They seem to have a hive mind and linked sight; when Dracula needed to know where Quasimodo was to rescue Jonathan, it reported what a suit of armor in the lobby saw and it saluted when it confirmed Dracula's order to stop Quasi. They reported their failure to capture Quasimodo & Dracula flies to rescue Johnny.

One of the Suit of Armors were dancing at Mavis' party with Dracula, but during the party, one shows Dracula that Mavis was kissing Johnny.

Official ProfileEdit

The royal order of the Suits of Armor is charged with serving as the security and communication system for the hotel. Perhaps these metal sentinels are the ancestors of a militia of tin soldiers, or even the "tin can" telephone.


  • In clog toilet in room 348"Sir, we have an urgent plumbing issue."
  • Sir, there's an emergency!
  • "Boy that kid smelled."
  • "Quasimodo Wilson, you are coming with us!"
  • "Why did that hurt me? (After getting kicked in the groin by Quasimodo.)"
  • "He doesn't pay me. (Whispering to Mavis)"


  • One said Jonathan stunk, implying they can smell.
  • Oddly, Quasimodo was able to render one immobile by kicking it in the groin; even the armor wondered how it could be hurt by that.