Sunny is the newborn daughter of Wayne and Wanda, and also the sister of Winnie and the Werewolf Kids. She is a new character set to only appear in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.

She doesn’t make a major appearence in the movie. On her character she is shown to be calm, and passive, and also looking adorable. Although she has a tendency to bite others if they get close. She looks mostly like a baby, or a toddler, by the fact of being tiny, being charged, and been taken by her father. In contrast with her other brothers, she mostly never cried, instead she smiles cutely. Another hint of her being a toddler is that she just says two words during the film, which are Fish and Boat. So she can barely talk. It is probable that she had being born in the time lse between the second movie and the third movie. So far, she just appears along with her brothers and parents, and being delivered to the room for kids.

Official ProfileEdit


Much like her siblings, Sunny has pale brown fur with darkish hair on the top of her head. She also wears a pink bow on her head with white polka dots.


Sunny is very calm and mature for her age. During her trip with her parents on the Legacy cruise ship she is shown to remain calm and focused despite her brothers screaming and crying right next to her. She has a tendency to bite.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer VacationEdit

Sunny appeared at the wedding that begun after the prologue of the Movie, she could be seen on [1]Wayne's chest, acting calm around her brothers, she then bites [2]Frank's finger once it got close to her, thus making Wayne joke about it. she is later seen on the cruise around her brothers when her family were taking a photo, Since then, Sunny only appeared on Wayne's chest, when the werewolf family arrived to the kid's club, Sunny was dropped off there, along with her brothers. She's later seen at the Kraken's attack, Sunny was saved by [3]Ericka. Sunny was shown alongside her brothers at the end of the movie, witnessing Ericka and [4]Dracula getting into marriage.


  • So far Sunny is the only werewolf pup whose name doesn't begin with a W (thought it’s likely some of the other kids don’t)
  • Coincidentally she shares the same name with her voice actor.
  • Sunny only spoke two words in the film. (Fish and Boat)
  • At one point in Hotel Transylvania 3, Sunny could be seen sucking on a pacifier that resembles the one [5]Winnie used to have, however she was never seen with it ever again in the film.

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