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The Tables are an object and part of the staff in Hotel Transylvania. At normal times, they are round tables with white cloth on it, but they can also fly automatically or follow the orders from anyone who rides on them.

When they are called by numbers, their faces appear on the cloth and then they will follow the order and they also understand specific areas in the hall of the hotel, which are referred as numbers as well. In addition, they seem to understand the mind of the person who calls them, and they can fly quite swiftly to achieve what they are ordered.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

After Johnny falls from the broken roof of the hotel to Dracula, who is having sauna with his friends, Dracula brings him to a hall full of tables and orders him to place them in order. But, the noise of moving the tables manually annoys Dracula, so he uses magic making Johnny facing the wall with his thumb sucked.

Later, Dracula calls the tables by number and has them moving to position he wants. Johnny tries very hard to get rid of the trick that Dracula gave; he then memorizes numbers of some tables and he rides on the table 36. When Dracula notices, he calls the table 31 to knock Johnny down. Johnny falls to the table 24 and he flies again; seeing this, Dracula also sits on another table and chases Johnny. Dracula can't catch Johnny, so he calls dozens of table to block his path; yet, Johnny escapes from slit between tables, and soon, Dracula does the same thing before almost crashing to them.

Dracula jumps on several tables, laughing, but he falls down and Johnny catches him on his table swiftly. Dracula is totally amused and starts to play with Johnny. They and the table rush out of the hall and fly very fast in corridors outside the rooms of the hotel; in their path, they almost hit one of the Witches and Shrunken Heads yell to them that they shouldn't disturb, for people are trying to sleep. Eventually, they crash directly to one of the Suits of Armor; meanwhile, Johnny is captured by Quasimodo Wilson, who keeps tracking humans in the hotel.

Later, in Mavis' birthday party and a trip with Johnny, tables are used a vehicles for various guests of the hotel. Winnie is seen on 1 of them with some of her brothers and she knocks them off.