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"The Nosepicker" is a young human girl who appeared in Hotel Transylvania: The Series. She is the baby daughter of the human family that live across from the hotel. She is the eponymous subject of Enter the Nosepicker.

Official Profile Edit

"The Nosepicker" is a human toddler who in her toy car wandered into Hotel Transylvania. Mavis upon realizing this rushed back to the hotel to stop her before her Aunt Lydia could notice. While in the hotel the nose picker ran into the Werewolf Kids and began to play with them and Winnie. Her scent however was caught on by Lydia. Mavis quickly found and hid the the young girl before Lydia could find her. After reuniting with the human girl Mavis instructed the werewolf kids to quickly return the girl home before anybody could find her.

Mavis encounters the Nosepicker again when she decides to disguise herself as a human and pretends to be the young girl's babysitter so she can prove to her friends that humans aren't scary.