Werewolves are mythical creatures that are known to devour their prey in the blink of an eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - Werewolves are much stronger than humans.
  • Super Speed - Werewolves are much faster then humans.
  • Super Senses - Werewolves have senses of hearing, sight and smell that far exceeds those of any humans.


Werewolves are not shown to have any weaknesses in either movie.

Known WerewolvesEdit


  • Unlike traditional werewolves, the ones in Hotel Transylvania do not seem to change form under a full moon. Instead, they're always in their bipedal wolf form. 
  • Additionally, while they do start off as somewhat feral as children (with multiple examples in the movies such as the children peeing on things and tearing and biting chairs, tables and even other monsters), they mellow out when they grow up and start behaving more like humans. They do still like to chase things like dogs, though.
  • They can, perhaps unsurprisingly, catch fleas, mentioned when Dracula and Johnny are messing around in Martha's room during the first movie. 
  • They don't seem to have an infectious bite in the films.
  • The known names of the werewolves start with the letter "W".