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Witches are part of the Hotel Transylvania Staff. They serve as the maids and housekeeping of the Hotel. One of the maids seem to have a crush on Dracula.

Official ProfileEdit

What other monster carries her own housekeeping tool with her, or can make up a bed with the simple casting of a magic spell? This green team of cleaners sweeps about the hotel at a pace greatly contrasted to their co-workers.


Witches have green skin, a hooked nose and stringy hair.


Hotel TransylvaniaEdit

The Witches make up the maids and housekeeping staff of Hotel Transylvania. When Dracula passes by one who admires him, a Shrunken Head tells the witch to clean the room that it's associated with up.

When a human named Johnny came into the hotel & was freaking out that the monster were real, he bumped into a witch & want on her broom not knowing how to control it.

During The Zing, Dracula charms one of the witches attending the party.

Goodnight Mr. FootEdit

In Goodnight, Mr. Foot, one witch maid ends up disrupting Bigfoot's relaxing which ends in a pillow fight.

Hotel Transylvania (video game)Edit

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