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Mavis Dracula (Top) and Jonathan Loughran (Bottom) zing

This article is about a phrase in the film. For the song, click here.

A Zing, also known as "love at first sight", is a special feeling and status described in the Hotel Transylvania universe. It only happens when one person meets his or her soulmate with whom they will spend eternity. Even if they don't know it at first, they are drawn to each other and want to know more about the other; with Mavis usually finding Johnny no matter where he was.

In Martha's letter to Mavis Dracula, it is mentioned that you only Zing once in your life. Later, almost at the end of the film, Frank talks about the same concept.

Even though it's said that you only zing once, Drac zings a second time when he meets Captain Ericka Van Helsing (Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation). Indicating that once a monster has forgotten, or has not been reminded of their former Zing (i.e. former wife or husband) they are capable of Zinging again. An example is in the short, Puppy! Dracula does not have a portrait of him and Martha in his bedroom, implying he has recovered over mourning her death.

Zinged Characters

Dracula zinging with Ericka Van Helsing


  • Drac is currently the only known monster who has zinged more than once.
  • It's possible that if a monster's soulmate dies (such as Martha), a monster can zing more than once, similar to how widowers (a man who has lost his spouse by death and has not remarried) and widows (a woman who has lost her spouse by death and has not remarried) can remarry if the husband or wife has died.
    • There's a minor fan theory that Ericka Van Helsing could be a reincarnation of Martha, which goes along with the whole "a zing only happens once in your lifetime". With Ericka being Martha reborn in a human body, it might have explain why she fell in love with him so fast which is a part of her remembering Dracula and her love for him.
  • Despite the feelings between of Winnie and Dennis that they have for each other, they have not actually zinged with each other yet. In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Dennis is shown feeling slightly uncomfortable and visibly flustered when Winnie kisses him and he tries to avoid eye contact when she flirts with him in order to make them zing with each other later. According to Dennis, he is too young to zing; this could be attributed to him not being emotionally mature enough yet to face having such feelings for his best friend.
  • It is unknown if only monster or a human can zing because a human boy named Jonathan Loughran actually zinged with a female vampire named Mavis Dracula.